How To Survive An Affair – A Skill Seriously Required In Today’s Marriage

In counseling with married couples, they could sometimes think that the counselor doesn’t fully understand the issues they are facing. One way of handling couples like these who feel their challenges are unique and too serious to be solved is to show them some other folks that have encountered same or worse problems and came through. Lot’s of folks do not think it is possible to learn how to survive an affair. When people like these face examples of couples who had to face problems like theirs and yet went through it and became even stronger, they derive strength and hope from it. No marriage can claim to be encountering a challenge never before encountered by another. Should you go for marriage counseling, there is nothing you would be discussing with the counselor that would be new unless of course you are his or her first patient. The effectiveness of marriage counseling depends on the willingness and readiness of the couple to fix their marriage. In a lot of situations, one of the couple practically forces the partner for marriage counseling. One of them goes with high hopes and the other goes only for the sake of it. The forced spouse usually views the whole thing as needless. This is one situation where nothing major can be achieved. Any counselor with experience would know not to proceed unless he or she has succeeded in drawing out the forced partner. Unless this spouse is made to see the need for counseling, no serious headway would be recorded. It is not our desire here to attempt to find out what leads to extra marital affairs. We are all aware that nothing can actually justify an affair. There’s no arguing that certain circumstances can be very difficult that there seems to be no alternative. One example that quickly comes to mind is a couple I know who were unable to have kids. They had gone for tests and nothing was said to be wrong with either of them. The woman for some reasons felt her husband was the issues in spite of the test. She kept at this for some time. When it got too much, the man thought he had to prove himself so he got a woman outside of his marriage pregnant. I am glad to say that the marriage survived the affair and the wife who still has no children of her own, stopped the insinuations. As we try to talk about how to survive an affair, I feel a need to more importantly discuss how not to have one. You would only have to know or learn how to survive an affair when there has been an occurrence in your marriage. If there has been none, you wouldn’t need that skill. Communication has ever been one of the most important tools given to couples. With proper communication between spouses, certainly every problem would be solved with ease. Things degenerate simply because a lot of couples store things in their minds and don’t share until it all comes to a head and things start pouring out. Any challenge and problem that you face would be smoothly handled when you as a couple communicate really well.

Author: DigitalBuddy