Top 3 Errors That Hurt Your Chances To Win Back Your Ex

Whenever you have been dumped, it can be hard to take. You may panic about what you are going to do now that your significant other is no longer. You may discover that you are making some severe mistakes that could cost you a second chance with your ex. However, the mistakes were a natural reaction to your hurt feelings. It’s important to know what these mistakes are before you end up hurting your chances of winning them back. Tip 1 – Not Maintaining Your Distance It’s very important that distance between the both of you is given. After all, when a breakup occurs, it’s because someone needs some distance from the other person. How much distance? Well, to put it simply… you should have no contact with your ex for about a month. If you have to work with your ex, then be civil but don’t get personal. The idea is to have your ex miss you. You can’t be missed if you are still seeing each other, even if it’s not in a romantic way. Backing off the contact does help you win your ex back. Tip 2 – Turning To Negative Outlets Never turn to alcohol and drugs to solve your relationship problems. Not only are they unhealthy for you physically but mentally and emotionally too. Remember alcohol is a depressant but you don’t want to feel depressed during this time. It only makes the feelings much more intense and it could lead to another embarrassing problem like drunk dialing. Find more positive alternatives to relieve you of your pain and misery. Tip 3 – Too Much Attention You never want to give your ex too much attention. You have to remain a no contact rule. Why? If you are talking to each other on a regular basis, how can you miss each other? On top of that, the wounds are still fresh so it can be easy to misread something and lose your cool. You could also be in needy mode, which can be very bad. You can make another big mistake by repeatedly calling, texting, emailing, instant messaging, etc. your ex. This is called text message terrorism and it is a form of stalking. Now these three tips aren’t the only reasons people will mess up when attempting to win their ex over. However, they are definitely culprits to the problem. Learn to avoid them and you are well on your way to winning back your ex. Before you know it, life will be good as it was once without all the drama and mayhem.

Author: DigitalBuddy