5 Different Types of Relationships Between Man And Woman

In terms of love, there are different types of relationships. Depending on the personalities, some people will prefer one type of relationship over another. Among the relationships between men and women are the following types 1 The conflictual relationship. The people involved believe that a relationship is bland and boring if there are not a number of small conflicts in their daily lives. They see these conflictual exchanges as a driver for the male and female relationship and a way of fighting routine. Political debates, eventful discussions on the choice of a restaurant or the next summer destination: everything goes! To provoke his or her partner for a yes or a no, one risks nevertheless to make it run away, take care not to do too much of it either. 2 The harmonious relationship These people will be happy and fulfilled only if the relationship they have with each other is harmonious. This type of relationship between men and women is reflected among other things on the vision of the partners and projects for two, whether they are long term or not. This does not mean that there is no clash within the relationship, but the day will remain very peaceful. 3 The fusional relationship The male and female relationship is characterized by a refocusing on the couple: it is the most important element in the life of both people, for whom it is also difficult to envisage doing an activity without being loved. They have common affinities, are animated by a real symbiosis and are self-sufficient. Their intimacy is cherished and comes before anything else. People in this type of relationship, however, have a tendency to cut themselves off from their family and friendly circle. We must not forget that it is important and healthy to have a life outside of your relationship, it is a way to bring renewal and reduce the risk that one of the partners will end up feeling choked. 4 The passionate relationship The passionate relationship between man and woman is born most of the time out of great physical attraction. The love is strong, intense and often comes very soon after the meeting or maybe even by love at first sight. When the couple is together, the feeling of happiness takes over but conversely, when the second person is not around, a real physical and psychic lack is felt. Unfortunately these intense feelings are often accompanied by great suffering when euphoria crumbles. For some, passion will diminish by itself, for others, it will become too devouring and harmful. The passion is unfortunately not bound to last and this change can be very badly lived. Passionate relationships thus remain short-lived. To limit the sentences when this relationship man and woman stops, the best way is to be grateful to have the chance to live such a passion. 5 The independent relationship In this relationship, each individual and personality is put forward, the important thing is not the couple but the two individuals in their own right. Everyone has his social life, participates in events alone and does not fail to do things that interest him or her. Although the couple love each other, living in two different apartments is not so unusual in this type of relationship. By keeping each one’s space and meeting each other a few times a week, these people feel that they are getting the most out of their relationship and that it is promoting their longevity. Be careful, however, not to focus solely on your own desires at the risk of forgetting your relationship. Whatever the type of relationship, they all require a minimum of attention and effort not to go out.

Author: DigitalBuddy