9 Signs That Confirms You Have Met Your Man

We tend to say that love makes you blind, and it is not always easy to have an objective opinion about the person who shares our life. When you engage in a relationship, you tend to hope that the person you are with will spend the rest of their life with us. But how do we know if our lover is really the man of our life? Of course, everything is a question of feeling and personality. But there are however some signs that will really confirm to you that you have met the man of your life: You do not need to make yourself beautiful for him But you do it anyway, because it makes you happy! Jokes aside: if you do not have makeup and hair done to perfection, you have not had time to wax or you have a big button on the nose, it’s not a drama. He always finds you beautiful, even when you wake up. You know, when you have bushy hair and not very fresh breath. When you have good (or bad) news, you want to share it with him More than your companion, this man is your partner, whatever the field. When you have a promotion, or your best friend expects a baby, it’s immediately him that you want to call to tell him everything. But this is not valid only for the good times: when you are sad or angry, he is the one who is always able to comfort you. In bed, it’s Nirvana every night (or almost) You know each other so well that when you make love, it almost always ends in an orgasm, and even when it does not, you always have fun. And that’s the important thing. He always knows how to please you He loves you, and he knows you by heart. He give good compliment when you have a new outfit and give you the little gift that will make you happy every time. He always has a little attention to please you, even if it’s just about buying a chocolate bar when you have had a bad day. You make plans for years to come When you are not sure who you are with, it is difficult to make long-term plans. It’s even complicated to plan the next vacation because you’re not even sure you’re still together. But with him, it’s different. You are able to make plans on the comet without worrying about the next day. Marriage, baby, real estate purchase, and travel around the world … Nothing scares you. You love yourself, whatever happens It’s not because everything is not always rosy and you sometimes argue that feelings are no longer there, on the contrary. Sometimes it’s better to fight for a good shot than to hold on to each other. But even if you’re scolding yourself, in the end, you’re always reconciling fast! He’s listening to you. Really! When you have something to say to him, he does not just hear you: he listens to you, and he remembers. The reason you had a fight with Julie, the file you’re working on, the date of the next dinner with your parents. It’s still nice not to feel like talking to a wall, right? He gets along well with your friends and your parents He has conquered you, but he has also conquered your loved ones! Your friends all dream of having a Jules like him, your mother finds him charming, your best friend loves to chat with him, even your dad seems to like him. If your loved ones appreciate him, this is the sign that you have met someone who can only do you good. He is your number one support It is not for nothing that it is to him that you confide your troubles as your joys. Your man is always able to find the right words to reassure you. Spend a sleepless night with you to help you finish a project? No problem. Cancel an evening with your friends because you’re not feeling good? No need to ask him, he has already canceled everything to stay with you. Whatever happens, you can always count on him. Your complicity is foolproof You manage to understand yourself through a simple look. The same jokes make you laugh, and you love spending time together, because you’re sure to have more fun than ever before. You are as accomplices as you are in love. Between you, everything works: it’s obvious.

Author: DigitalBuddy