Don’t Use Flirting Apps With Paid Impersonators

With the growing popularity of flirting apps in India, many website creators are hiring paid impersonators to lure and attract single men seeking single girls and vice versa. These paid impersonators are fake people disguising themselves as someone else to pull in your attention on these dating websites. Such Indian dating sites get a lot of traffic with such impersonators as more and more single men and women chat with them. These paid impersonators get a fixed amount for every chat they get or every successful paid user. These people are not genuine and chat with you only for money that they get from the dating app. You could be wasting time on these flirting apps thinking that you have found a lovely single girl or travel buddy only to be cheated by a fake person. These ‘Virtual Dating Assistants’ are hired by dating app companies to increase their web traffic and get paid in return. Potential Risks of Flirting with Paid Impersonators: You could be flirting with a guy thinking it to be a local single girl. You can end up sharing some valuable information about your personal life thinking that you are sharing it with your potential partner but in reality, these people can just misuse your information and blackmail you later. You might go in for a rude shock once you get to know the fact and may end up with heartbreak. How to spot a paid impersonator? If you are looking for a potential travel buddy on a flirting app, you could be connected with a fake person who is just a paid impersonator. The big question here is how to find out on a dating app that the person you are chatting with is real or fake. Here are a few tips to help you spot a fake profile on a hookup app: You could try a reverse image Google search by copy-pasting the picture of the female companion you are chatting with on If nothing props up, you could get a little more aware of the person as he or she might be fake. Try googling the single girl’s name and details. There is no guarantee that Google lists the names of every person on its search engine, but then today, who is not on social media! Proceed with caution if nothing comes on Google. Ask for their Facebook and Instagram profiles and send your travel friend, friend requests to keep a check on their check-ins, family photos and every such information which proves the authenticity of the person. If the person is already asking you for money for some ‘genuine reasons’, you should be on high alert as the person could be a fraud and not just a paid impersonator. A paid impersonator would not be too good at building an interesting conversation with you. You will eventually find out after a few days that you are just not able to connect on such friend finder apps. Many girls try to seek travel partners or a sugar daddy who can just lure them with attractive gifts and money in return for sexual favors. But you could get easily caught up with a paid impersonator who is only posing as a sugar daddy to get all your personal information. Today, social media is a great tool to find out the validity and authenticity of a person on a dating app and you should always do your homework well before getting in the loop with a paid impersonator. So if you are already chatting with someone for a few days on a flirting app, first ensure that the person is genuine by Googling his photos and details. You never know, you might be just wasting time with a paid impersonator who might land you in serious trouble later.

Author: DigitalBuddy