Contemplating Divorce? Hire a Private Detective to Help Your Case

Are you concerned that your spouse is having an affair? Do you believe that they could possibly be taking steps without your knowledge to lay the groundwork for divorce such as hiding assets? Is something simply not quite right in your marriage but you cannot seem to identify the problem? The answer of ‘yes’ to any of these posed questions are valid grounds to hire a private detective. Financial Juggling Sometime during divorce proceedings, financial assets are investigated to determine division of property between spouses. However, what if your spouse, unbeknownst to you, has done some financial juggling to hide certain assets? This deceit could reduce your share of assets and even undermine alimony and other spousal support that might be awarded to you. A private detective has access to records that are not available to the average person and knows how to follow the money trail so you that would be able to claim your rightful share in the divorce. Proof of Cheating Cheating spouses is almost a cliche these days but the fact of the matter is, it is one of the most common grounds for divorce. If you have found odd receipts for hotels and restaurants or even unknown numbers on their cell phone bill that cannot be explained, you might need a private detective to uncover what is going on. Perhaps your spouse has all of the sudden starting working late or travelling or has become aloof. Investigating the underlying causes of these spousal behaviour shifts is what a detective can do. Whether you simply need to know to prove or allay your fears or to build a case for divorce, a private detective can help. They can follow those leads and even get pictures of any third parties involved. Custody of Children In those cases where divorce has already happened, you might need a private detective to help you gain custody or more visitation rights of your children. Do you suspect that your spouse is neglecting your children or perhaps even abusing them? Do you need proof of these allegations? A private investigation by a detective can help you gather the evidence you need to fight for your kids. They can search for proof of unhealthy living conditions, drug or alcohol abuse or even neglect, such as leaving young children alone unsupervised. It is important to understand that by hiring a private detective, you might not like the information they find for you. In addition, if your spouse finds out that you hired the services of an investigator, this could add an adversarial element in your divorce proceedings. If you truly believe that a private detective can provide assistance for your divorce, you must be up front with them during your initial meetings. This might entail revealing unflattering facts about yourself too. The more upfront you are with them, the more information that can unearth that can help you.

Author: DigitalBuddy