5 Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Love Life Through Lingerie

It always doesn’t have to be lacy or sexy lingerie that sets the mood but it should be something that should make a woman feel confident and empowered. Sometimes lingerie can do the talking as it works wonders and makes a woman feel sexy and good about herself. When a woman feels confident about herself, she feels more open towards her man and this helps to keep the spark alive always. So here are a few tips for you on how lingerie can make you feel sexy! And, we guarantee you that your partner is going to be happily surprised ;)! Try them and let us know! 1. Lingerie Let the details of your lingerie do the talking on your behalf. A Front Opening Push Up Bra or a bra which has a Deep Cleavage are one of the sexiest pieces of lingerie you could wear to feel sexy about yourself as well as spice things up in the bedroom. The front opening clasp of any padded bra makes this type of a bra our favourite! 2. Be sexy yet cuddly It’s great to be comfortable with each other but sometimes instead of wearing your loungewear pyjamas with an oversized t-shirt, once in a while wear something sexy yet comfortable while relaxing and chilling with bae. You could wear one of Intimate Nation’s printed bras with your denims and simply wear his white shirt over your bra! The white shirt would be transparent enough for him to get a peek-a-boo of your bra! 3. Make cooking sexy Set the mood instead of focussing on the food and there is nothing sexier for a man other than seeing his loved one cooking for him wearing his favourite pair of panty along with his oversized t-shirt. His favourite dish + you= BEST COMBO! 4. Gift him How about setting a new trend of #couplegoals by having him wear the same print boxers as your lingerie?! Aren’t we all done with couple t-shirts? I guess it’s time to set some new goals now! Wear matching lingerie with him and set the mood for the both of you.

Author: DigitalBuddy