Can Love Happen at Anytime

In the novel A Passionaate Gospel of True Love Moh Lal Rai meets her true lover quite later in life. There is no hesitation in the alliance that develops between Moh and Gaurang. After years of failed marriage the chance meeting in India culminates in love. Well this is not exactly true because the happening was already foretold by celestial announcement from Maa Durga Goddess whom Moh had immense faith. Being erudite and of spiritual bend of mind Moh could understand the alliance even though she was married to someone else. She was also a mother of one child. Nevertheless true love is made in heaven and does not separate permanently. She believes in spilt halves which she correlates with the androgynous concept of half man half woman. This is amply evident in the chapter devoted to Ardhnareshwar the androgynous representation of Lord Shiva as mentioned in the Hindu pantheon. Hence the romantic interlude between the lovers is intense and passionate. The happening as such is destined because this was a relationship that was marked for each other in the past birth and subsequent births due to extreme affinity between the mind body and soul. Though this type of relationship is looked down in the contemporary society the above paragraphs offer explanation for the alliance. When two souls meet in extreme harmony than relationship is bound to happen. In short such a romance is predestined and the lovers are insperable. The Godly acceptance is thus showered upon Moh by Maa Durga as a blessing. The story eventually proceeds into coming together of the lovers but the end is for the reader to discover in this romance. A Passionaate Gospel of True Love is a unique romance saga far removed from conventional story telling. Sprinkled with myths, spirituality and religiosity the narration is esoteric. This is India, and the saga is a window to the mindset and beliefs that prevails. The story telling is fluid, simple and fascinating. It is a must read work of Indian Author Poonam Uppal from India presently based in USA. The book can be purchased from online stores at affordable price.

Author: DigitalBuddy