That Special Someone You Are Seeking

The angst of a failed marriage is understandable but this way or that way you have keep going on. Why? Well it is not easy to find someone that is your true lover. Whence you find one there are many aspects that come to surface. He or she may be betrothed, in wedlock or simply unwilling to go ahead. And if he or she is willing to go ahead then also many aspects remain. There may be children to look after or financial constraints. Some time even in a failed relationship there is an emotional bondage as we find in the romantic novel: A Passionaate Gospel of True Love. Love is difficult to fathom, in case of prior entanglement the lovers need to come together by force. If they do not then that is unrequited love. Why am I talking about such relationships? Well relationship can develop at any stage of life. The status could be being unmarried, married, divorced or simply searching for a true love unsuccessfully. This is the characteristics of lovers in the romantic novel. They are married, searching and unhappy to the core. A failed marriage. Moh Lal Rai considers her marriage a failure but she is trapped in the wedlock with a child. It is not easy to break the shackles. Nevertheless the story revolves around the discovery of the lovers in India. It is destined and ordained by the Goddess herself. It is Maa Durga in whom Moh firmly believes and conscientiously follows her. But love is no fairy tale as the estranged couple discover. In the confusing maze of relationship they try to fathom solutions that could tie them eternally. The book is about mystical and esoteric relationship as narrated by the author Poonam Uppal. It is natural since India is a hub of esoteric and mystical beliefs that are ingrained from myths that are believed with fervor. They are not shunned as simply unbelievable. The love story mentioned here become passionate whence Moh and Gaurang meet each other as destined. True lovers, soul mates, split halves and life partners these are the numerous definitions of human relationship that is created by destiny or past life phenomenon. The book A Pasionaate Gospel of True Love explorers various aspects of human relationships. It is a romantic interlude for Moh and Gaurang that may become permanent. Read on….

Author: DigitalBuddy