When in Love Relationship Matters

Love is a feeling or rather an immense feeling between a man and women. Love can happen between people of all ages be they old or young. It can also take place between people with huge age difference but this not the limit as it can happen between people of different creed, color and caste. In short there is no logic that drives a relationship. The instant attractions fizzle out sooner or later if it is based on infatuation, amorous desires or money. Hence true love is genuine desire to be with a person for life in a wedded relationship or otherwise. Sometimes people meet but they are not able to take their relationship to the wedlock. Why? In modern times wedding is not considered as absolute anymore for people can enjoy relationship with being in wedlock. Well this easier said than done. As we see in novel A Passionaate Gospel of True Love Moh Lal Rai meets her lover whom she discovers to be destined and her split half. Such relationships are made in heaven. Well Yes! But the union is not easy as Moh Lal Rai discovers to her dismay. The going is long and arduous riddled with complicacies created by both being married to others. Gaurang is much more inclined for the relationship to go ahead but for Moh the past lingers on. Brought up in a tradition bound conservative family for Moh breaking loose the shackles of wedlock was not easy. Hence the relationship though continues exhibits lot of hesitation and there is no physical aspect to it all. Moh does not believe in premarital association because of her conservative upbringing. To overseas readers especially from the Western World this may seem strange since intimacy is unavoidable in such affairs. But to those with Oriental mindset it is not at all difficult to understand the conservative ethos of East. Personal attributes also matter it is not axiomatic that people deeply in love will be condescending towards each other. Attitude and behavioral constraints many hinder love. Managing relationship is an art that many lovers may not be apt at. That is why there is turbulence in relationship between Guarang and Moh which is well described in the book. Personal idiosyncrasies, behavioral traits, and temper mar the relationship. However it is the true love that keeps things going.

Author: DigitalBuddy