Covid-19 Event Decoration Guidelines To Abide By

Planning an event in the near future? Decoration is an indispensable part that goes into making any occasion successful, setting the ambiance and allowing the guests to gauge the mood and enjoy. There are a host of guidelines issued by the authorities that are mandatory to be followed. Apart from the essential rules, you might want to go an extra mile to ensure the safety of yourself and your guests. Be it a wedding or any other special occasion, here are some Covid-19 event decoration guidelines to aid your planning. Sanitization While handling the adornments, transporting them and then putting them up on site, care should be taken for proper sanitization of both the decor items as well as those handling them, every step of the way. Sanitize wedding decorations as well as the venue once the decor is complete, ready for use. Protective Gear The team in charge for decorating must be clad in proper protective gear during the entire process, maintaining social distancing where possible. Different teams responsible for the tent setup, stage decor, floral decoration, lighting, etc. should coordinate and be called upon at well spaced out time slots to complete the tasks. Hiring Decorators Choosing expert decorators with experience under their belt is a safer option. Skilled workers who have organized the functioning of execution to heed the safety measures and have adequate resources will ease up your burden and smoothen the whole thing. Do a thorough research, know your options and go for decorators who understand your requirements and can flexibly adapt to the budget and practical conditions. Coordination is imperative. Venue Suitability It is recommended to go for a spacious, airy open venue to host weddings and other events to reduce chances of contamination and enable all the attendees to practice social distancing. Choose an open venue without air conditioning that is airy and not stuffy or crowded. Have it thoroughly sanitized before and after the function. Pay special attention to door handles, railings,table tops and other areas with higher risks of contamination. Apart from the obvious choice of an outdoor location, let your decor be neat so as to accentuate the natural setting. Avoid scattered, hanging and crowded decorations and layouts that make navigating difficult and are also at a higher risk of coming in physical contact of multiple persons. Keep the furniture, staircase railings, doors and narrow pathways clean of embellishments. Guests One of the purposes of the decor is to please the guests. Obviously, decoration should be done keeping in mind the type and the size of the gathering, as well as the guests you’re having. It should be visual treat but not overwhelm the celebrants. For up to 50 wedding guests, for instance, you can go for a relaxed feel and plan an intimate celebration with light and creative decor.Do make a list of all the celebrants with their contact information. Encourage proper sanitization, social distancing and following of other safety measures among them. Rentals The demand for event rentals has seen a huge boom in recent times with their being practical and economical. If you are going for the same during the pandemic, do proper research for reliability of the vendors and see to it that all the precautions and guidelines are being minded. Rental services are usually responsible for the transportation as well, so keep an eye on that being managed too. Each rented item must be sanitized before and after use. Wedding decoration for Covid-19 has been made incredibly more accessible and budget-friendly with this initiative. Make best use of it, but smartly. Avoid renting out fabrics, if possible and enjoy the Sanitize wedding in this covid 19 season

Author: DigitalBuddy