The Incredible & Must-follow Seasonal Trends of Wedding

Brides and Grooms are always excited about new wedding trends so that they can adapt them for their own wedding. From Christmas to Valentine’s Day, the majority of next year’s brides will get engaged, and our minds are focused on the looks, styles, colors, and details they used in their wedding celebrations. Weddings today are more unique and individual than ever before. Couples are customizing their day in endless and different ways from the location to the ceremony. There are basically 4 seasons that the world faces every year and for every season you can choose and go for the unique trends. Thinking about the best wedding dress, hairstyle, makeup, and wedding colors that best fits the current seasonal trends? Keep patience, The Wedding Standard – Wedding Event Planner California is here with some great wedding ideas that will fit your wedding during different seasons of the year. Let’s have a brief look- 1) FOR SPRING SEASON – With the days getting longer and temperatures beginning to rise again, Spring is in the air. a) For Brides – Brides can wear the gown of softer shades of pink ranging from blush to Rosey neutral tones. Pairing pale pinks with monochromatic colors is the perfect combination for a beautiful spring wedding. She can wear a short lace dress or a Bohemian wedding dress. b) For Grooms – The grooms should prefer to wear a complete tuxedo including vest in the spring, white bow tie and tails, and shirt with striped trousers. The very formal wear is also commonly accompanied with a top hat, walking stick, and gloves. 2) FOR SUMMER SEASON – Summer weddings are the most difficult weddings because of too much hot season so for that you need something cool colors outfits. a) For Brides – Bride should go with yellow and orange colors while bringing in cool blues, beiges, and pinks. A unique and beautiful look can be achieved by using blues and greens as accents to neutral tones. She can also go with scalloped floor-length off shoulder boho bridal dress with classy make-up looks and hair bun or curl hairs. b) For Grooms – Grooms can choose light and bright colored Suits. Black and navy are classics when it comes to wedding suits but as darker colors they retain heat, so for a warm-weather wedding suits in lighter shades are the better option for a summer wedding. 3) FOR AUTUMN SEASON – The Autumn season is the most awaited season for weddings because in this season we face the temperature in between extreme hot and extreme cold. In this season people usually enjoy the wedding fully. It is the best season for those who want an outdoor wedding. a) For Brides – In this autumn season the brides can opt for deep purples, cool emeralds, classic navies and black, and touches of gold. A shawl or a scarf is the perfect addition to a fall wedding dress. Avoid anything overly revealing in accordance with the cooler weather and general wedding dress code. b) For Grooms – The Grooms are not limited to morning suit or tux. Those textured vintage textiles such as tweed, dog tooth, and plaid are just perfect for Autumn and channeling their inner country gentleman. Even in a suit, these fabrics have the knack of looking more rustic and casual than formal. The Jewel tomes are so perfect in this season. 4) FOR WINTER SEASON – Most of the winter weddings are arranged indoors. So, you must be dressed in such a way that the cold weather does not spoil your wedding day. It is the perfect opportunity to give chance to dark-colored outfits. a) For Brides – Brides should try to pick a dress with sleeves or a maxi style that’ll cover your legs so that cold weather could not affect her. And if you want to wear a print gown then it is suggested to make it with a dark base color. The colors that you should go for are metallics like silvers, golds, and coppers during winter wedding. b) For Grooms – The Grooms can wear a black or midnight blue dinner jacket with matching trousers with a white French cuff shirt that also includes a bow & tie.

Author: DigitalBuddy