Is Astrology Science or Not – Myth or Just a Fad Belief

Amongst the total people present, one-half declare it a pure science and the remaining discard it fully. Well, it is not something that you should reject without knowing anything about it. As it is said, you can love astrology, or you can hate astrology, but you can’t ignore it either. From the thousands of years, it has been there in India. The roots of Astrology go in the Vedic time or even before that. Millions of people believe in Astrology and make important decisions in life based on astrological consultations. For small events like a pooja or big events like a marriage; everything is decided based on astrological predictions and guidance. If you believe in what Astrologers say, then it is a pure science based on the movements of celestial bodies and their effect on us. The accuracy of readings and perfection of calculation are the two fundamental requirements for correct predictions. An Astrologer with in-depth knowledge can give accurate answers When someone meets an astrologer, who is proficient in his skills. He can read the horoscope rightly and do correct calculations about the planetary positions and their movements. Is astrology a science or not is irrelevant in this case. As the client, you get fully satisfied with the answers given to your questions. It doesn’t remain important whether the predictions are based on scientific calculations or intuitions. You get the satisfactory resolution, and you are happy. The very purpose of astrology to make people free from tensions and worries by giving answers to their questions. If they are going through a tough period, then they get relief by performing remedial actions. If they feel stressed or depressed, then astrological guidance boosts their confidence levels. Everyone gets affected by the celestial bodies Whether you believe in Astrology or not, the planets and their movement make an impact on our lives. The good and bad things, success and failures, health and happiness in life depend on which planets are prominent at the particular moments. By reading the horoscope, an astrologer can give pin-pointed solutions. Therefore, without getting into the debate of astrology being a science or not, one should meet an expert and ask answers for their questions. It is guaranteed that the obstacles will go away and the path will become smooth.

Author: DigitalBuddy