What is The Difference Between a Psychic And Astrologer

Astrologers delve deep into the positions of various planets at the time of the birth of an individual and study it in the context of the current and forecasted movements of certain stars and planets. Based on that, they are able to predict certain events in the life of a person. A psychic is also able to predict certain events in the life of an individual, but the basis of those predictions is not an external body. Psychics have an extrasensory perception (ESP) which helps them to see into the future and tell us what might happen. Because many of the outcomes provided by an astrologer and a psychic are similar, there are many people who use these two words interchangeably. But they are not the same at all. Here are a few of the basic differences between a psychic and an astrologer: Astrology is a skill that is learned and enhanced through further study and rigorous practice. The study of astrology involves a deep understanding of planetary motions and their effect on human nature and destinies. On the other hand, a psychic cannot learn his skill from anyone, he is simply born with it. If the psychic doesn’t have that inborn talent, then it cannot be picked up later. Although both astrologers and psychics foretell the future, yet the source of their predictions are different. Astrologers use planetary positions to understand what is going to happen. But a psychic gets his messages from within himself, and there is no external source involved. Usually, the study of astrology involves the preparation and study of various kinds of charts and drawings. That is necessary because the positions of planets need to be mapped before any predictions can be made. Those charts could be used for making predictions for multiple persons who are born at similar times and locations. In the case of a psychic, on the other hand, there are not too many charts prepared usually. Even if a chart is prepared, it is a chart unique to a particular person. Finally, it can be said that astrology is a science. It involves calculations and extrapolations. But a psychic’s work can be said to be more of an art that comes from within and is the result of a specific gift the psychic person has.

Author: DigitalBuddy