How Do I Make a Woman Squirt? Find Out the Proven Techniques to Get Her Gushing in Seconds

Forget everything you have ever read about squirting and read this. Yes, it’s possible for every single woman on this planet to have a squirting orgasm and it’s time that you were able to make it happen for your woman. There are no special techniques, no smoke and mirrors – just proven ways to make it work for her that will work for you. If you want to make a woman squirt, then you must learn the one technique to get her gushing in seconds. No, you don’t need to spend hours on foreplay and no, you don’t need to use some gadget or tantric method in order to make this happen. It’s simple. It’s easy and it’s time you made it happen now. The proven technique to get her gushing in seconds is to make her want it. Sounds a little crazy, right? Here is the explanation. Whenever we have an orgasm, we need to have that little push sensation in order to send it over the edge. You know that you do it when she pleases you. Your body starts to tense up towards the end and you start to feel this mushy and gushy sensation. You have to tighten up your body and push your orgasm out of you. She has to do the same. The only problem that she runs into is that when she pushes this orgasm out, she feels like she is about to urinate. The reason behind this is because when a woman ejaculate or squirts, it comes out of the same location that urine does. So at first, this female ejaculating orgasm feels very similar to the sensation that she is going to wet the bed and naturally, no woman ever wants to do that. It would be so mortifying. So therefore, she holds back and neither one of you will ever know what was going to happen. If you want to make her squirt, you need to help her to get over this mind block. You need to help her and to reassure her that this is what you want. You have to convince her that she should let go and that she should feel comfortable around you. You could be giving her the stimulation of her life but if she doesn’t want to squirt, she won’t. To reassure her, try putting towels down on the bed. This might give her incentive and help her to feel more comfortable just in case she does urinate, but she won’t. Women confuse this sensation but they just need to push through it. Help her get there and she will be showing you water works in no time. Try helping your woman to overcome her fear and this will be your ticket to giving her great pleasure. Only then, can you start using some stimulation techniques on her to drive her totally wild and to really send her over the edge.

Author: DigitalBuddy